DevilSnap, Devil

Getting back into writing!

As the title suggests I am getting back into writing! I remember when I was a child, and well into my teen years, I LOVED writing. I would write short stories, poems, haikus, holiday cards; literally any and everything if it involved paper and pen! Thinking back now I'm not even sure why I stopped writing to begin with.

I use to try to write novels as a teen, ha-ha, thought I was going to be the next big "Twilight" years before its time. I remember the clickity clank of the laptop keys as I typed away into the early hours of the morning. I remember I didn't care about what someone might think if they read my work, I just had to get it from my brain to the paper. Perhaps that is what happened, I began to care about outsiders too much. 😔

As I grew older I began to critic my work from the "reader's perspective" while I tried to write. Talk about a mind-fuck! I started to think that what I wrote was not good enough, didn't have enough "big" words, didn't paint the picture just right. I began to think that I was just wasting my time with my passion for writing, clearly, I did not have any skills in the department so why continue? There is where I believe was the start of my "Dark Age" where I literally wrote nothing for years!

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